About us

Shakes OrphanAid Foundation is a nonprofit general Charitable Organization established in both in the United State of America and Ghana. Our Organization is focus on the destitute, that is the Orphans, disable, poor, needy widows and the less privileged.

Our main aim and objective is to eradicate poverty in Africa and beyond and also to bridge the gab between the rich and the poor.

Founder/President: Bright Appau Shakesspare
EIN: 84-3566053
Head Quarters: Chicago ILLINOIS
Head Office: Accra, Dome Pillar 2 



Aims and Objectives

*. As the motto goes “bridging the gap of poverty”. This couldn’t be done without improving the quality of lives of orphan kids and young adults in the community. One of our aims is to make the fundamental lives of kids to be improved through education, be it formal or none formal.

*.  To provide shelter for street orphans who are handicapped and weak. Most of our streets are still filled with a chunk of people of which orphans holds non-negligible figure. Not to say others aren’t helping but with more hands from our NGO, it eases the burden.

*. To provide some other basic human needs such as food, cloths, health care and other humanitarian activities that makes orphans feel accepted which puts smiles on their faces. It makes them to know God, follow him and grow in him.

*.  To make equity-grant investments in sustainable development projects that will improve the quality of life of the orphan.

*. To use the individual skills of our abled associate staff to support projects and consequently assist to alleviate poverty.


Geographic focus

The focus is on Africa

Programme areas

Shakes OrphanAid foundation operates in the following areas:

• Individual giving
• Company giving
• Working with charities
• Grantmaking
• Advisory and Consulting
• Research and policy
• International services

Individual Giving
Services for individuals who wish to give cash gifts as donations to provide enduring support for the causes they care about.

Company Giving
The foundation engages companies with initiatives that includes the design and promotion of employee giving; matched giving; volunteer programs; and special charity events.

Working with Charities
We also work with other charity organization jointly to support the less privileged.

Grant Making
Helps smaller charitable organizations manage themselves more effectively through the provision of development grants, training and consultancy support.

Advisory and Consulting
We provide consulting services for companies and organization who support the foundation.

Research and Policy
Publishes facts, information and analysis on the voluntary sector. The publications are targeted towards informing the decisions made by donors, charities, businesses and the government.

International Services
Delivers international donor services, including private and corporate social investment, and seeks to create a framework that enables giving to flourish.





Want to donate ? Please choose the following method:

  1. Paypal: shakesorphanaid@gmail.com
  2. Mobile money: 0241625639/0241625551 (Shakes OrphanAid Foundation)
  3. Bank: ECOBANK 
    Branch -Stadium Amako 

    Account number 0450084645372401

-account name: Shakes Orphans Aid Foundation