The Adopted Child

ALI NUHU IS a 4 years child who happens to be the last child of MOHAMMED NUHU. Shakes OrphanAid Foundations visited a school called Nkyensendanho D.A Basic School in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. We found out that Ali the 4 years old child had no books, bags and other stationary.

All  his cloth were tattered including his shoes so we visited the family and found out that they were going through a lot of challenges.

Ali Hunu the 4 year old child

We Shakes OrphaAid Foundation believe in the welfare and the benefits of school, so we decided to donate some groceries, all stationary, paid his school fees and also gave the parents some amount of money to take care of his other expenses.

Above all, we also took him to a hospital because there were sore all over his legs.

Here is a video to this story

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